Amp Your Social Media Strategy with Video Content

Get the Edge With Video
The Value of Social Sharing Social media dominates the global communication and information share of today’s society. Video content can greatly amplify your social media marketing on all spheres of the social platform. Wahoo’s, fresh serve restaurants, got into social media marketing before social media was even defined.  We recently sat down with Ed Santos, Creative Director, “of everything good”, as Eddy likes to say, for an in-depth video conversation that produced a series of five webisodes that profile the brands maverick-style, history, menu, culture and marketing strategy, that contribute to its success. There’s no doubt that video content can help  brands or companies get the edge in the world of social media marketing.

The Value of Social Sharing
Excellent video content can dramatically increase social lead conversions and the overall ROI of your social media marketing; the investment of time and resources is well worth it. Companies that have not yet jumped on the video content train are wasting an opportunity. A great way to test the waters is to create a short, highly shareable video. It could be about your brand identity, culture, products, events, behind the scenes processes, services or operations, etc. The list goes on and on depending on what you want to share with your audience. Once you start sharing, fans will connect and share content and let you know more about what they want, like and enjoy about your brand.

Social Media = Social Capital

PeoplematrixSocial media marketing engages your audience, builds awareness and grows your fan base. Social networks are becoming more and more central to the modern way of life, and social sharing is highly valuable to companies seeking to promote their brand, products or services. Social networks harness a great deal of social capital.  With effective social video content, your company can harness this capital to attract a wide, captive audience.  A strong social media strategy could mean big rewards in terms of website traffic, lead generation and SEO for your company.

Everyone has a story to tell…what’s yours?


Excerpts from Social Media Today.