Why Consumers Love LA!

Why do consumers love the LA Auto Show…what’s not to love? The Los Angeles Auto Show is one of the premiere auto shows in the world. Nearly one million people attend the show each year because many know that they have a great chance to “see it first” in LA. The event offers something for everyone. The auto show is something that families can do together and includes a Fun Zone for the kids. There are fun, interactive exhibits, games, entertainment, and oh yeah…lots of vehicles! In Part 1 we learned that last year’s event featured over 1000 vehicles with 50 debuts that included 20 world debuts of vehicles never seen anywhere else before LA. Southern California is the leading edge for the Green movement so you will see the latest innovations in alternative fuel transportation.

In Part II of our profile, we discover why LA likes being first in the car business and why auto shows like LA are so influential with the buying public. For example, LA tries to bring in the latest auto technology to meet the demand of “early adopters” who clamor for bleeding edge technology. Southern California is also home to nearly 20 automotive design studios so many fantasy concept dream cars will be seen here first. The largest luxury car market in the world is not in Dubai, it’s in LA; and add to that a huge youth market so the show that presents exotics and “tricked out” rides of all kinds.

Auto Show Impact with Consumers:

Cross Shop: What makes the LA Auto Show so engaging is the opportunity for consumers to cross-shop as many as 50 different vehicles , as part of their car buying experience. Nowhere else can so many potential buyers see, touch, feel, and immerse themselves in various products for comparison.

Test Drive: LA provides consumers one of the largest “Test Drive” opportunities of any show. Test driving so many vehicles without the sales pressure appeals to shoppers because it can be fun and educational. It is one more way the auto show event provides a first hand, hands on experience for consumers.

Incentives: Many brands offer a wide range of incentives and giveaways that may only be available or offered at the event so exclusivity plays a role in attracting attendees.

Influence: The overwhelming reason for the ongoing success of auto shows like LA is the role they play in the consumer’s interest to purchase. Auto makers know that auto shows help sell cars, period. Here are some stats and facts about the LA Auto Show, according to Brendan Flynn, Director of Communications for the event.

  • 30% of the LA population plans to buy a vehicle within one year
  • 51% of auto show attendees plan to buy in the next 12 months.
  • 72% of attendees will add a brand to their purchase decision.

Quickly you discover that the LA Auto Show is positioned to provide consumers with a kaleidoscope of automotive eye candy and a hands-on experience second to none. Like the city of Los Angeles, the LA  Auto Show brand is unique, diverse, and more often than not, first. So if you love cars….you love LA!